Monday, May 11, 2009

  • 45 Million uninsured Americans
  • 80% of them working family
  • Last decade Premium increased 119% while worker earnings increased only 34%
  • With out access to regular primary care the uninsured are less likely stay healthy
  • uninsured suffer disability over the time or even die earlier
  • uninsured are more likely hospitalized unnecessarily
  • First Check here to see if you qualify for Low Income Health Plans. More than 20 private companies participate.
  • Contact your congressman to let them know that you are uninsured and need solution
  • Stay healthy meanwhile and do not hesitate to visit Emergency Room in case you need medical care
  • If you are disabled, 65+ years of age or a woman and pregnant you may qualify for Medicaid. Contact Medicaid at
  • If you need drugs and cannot afford please contact the pharmaceutical company and they may help you.
By improving access to Health Insurance is fundamentally important to better health care outcomes.

If you have any suggestion or solution for Uninsured PLEASE post it in the comments section below.